About Mtindo

Mtindo is a fashion marketplace that believes in seamlessness. We’re here to give fashion-lovers an inclusive, convenient and safe online space to buy, sell and flourish.

Buy & Sell Clothing

We facilitates the process of buying and selling second-hand & new clothing through a mobile app and web application. Sellers can have their own shops and can sell their clothing items with just a few clicks.

Browse high-Quality Products

Buyers can browse those shops and can buy high quality clothing with a few clicks and are protected for their purchases. Only once the buyer has received and is happy with the product the money is released.

Who is it for

From budding designers, expert thrifters and hustling students to lovers of vintage and budget-conscious shoppers - Mtindo is for everyone. The common thread? A love for fashion and a need for convenience.

Why US

  • Online Marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect
  • Available on IOS, Android & Huawei
  • Also available as web version
  • Easy upload for buyers and ability to create their own store within minutes
  • Integrated shipping partner for pickup and drop-off for more convenience and safety for the buyers & sellers
  • Multiple payment options available from EFT, Credit Card, Debit Card, Snapscan etc.

It's as easy as...

Sell 2nd hand or new clothing
Buy 2nd hand or new clothing
Create your own shop
Promote your fashion brand


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What is Mtindo?

Mtindo is your new online go-to for all things fashion, new and pre-loved. 
Mtindo is here to empower through convenience, accessibility and safety. Our easy to use and safe web and app marketplace empowers sellers to take control of their fashion future while encouraging buyers to support them.

How does Mtindo work?

We’ve kept it simple. 
Sellers have total control over creating their own shops to host and market their pieces. 
Buyers browse through the website or app for items that jump out at them. They choose their items, delivery method and make a payment via secure payment gateways. 
The payment is deposited into the Mtindo account and is only released to the seller once the buyer has received their order and is happy with their purchase. 
In just a few clicks, high-quality new and pre-loved items find new homes.

How does delivery work?

In the name of convenience, we offer a few options. Pargo Click & Collect. They have 4000+ drop-off and pick-up points across South Africa. Aramex Dropbox Solutions. Get your items delivered to your door for R99. Pick-up is available for those with physical stores. 
All delivery fees will be added to your total at checkout.

How do payments work?

You can pay using your credit/cheque card, EFT or your Mtindo wallet balance. We’ve ensured that our payment gateways are secure so that your information is protected. 
Depending on your bank, payment reflections will vary. 
Once payment has been received and confirmed, the money will be transferred into the Mtindo account - we’ll send you an email confirming all of this. You’ll be able to view your purchases online when logged into your account. 
Once the seller has received your order, they’ll prepare it for shipping! You’ll get a notification when it’s on the way to you. 
Once the buyer has confirmed receiving their order and is happy with it, we will transfer the money into the seller’s account. This process ensures that all parties are protected.


How do I buy?

Buying is the best part, so we’ve made it easy too.
All available items will have a Buy button. Just click that button and it’ll take you to checkout when you’re ready. The information we need from you, delivery cost, the delivery options and payment method options will be displayed at checkout. Fill out all the necessary details, choose your preferred delivery and payment methods and hit ‘confirm’. Once that’s done, just sit back and wait for your confirmation email and shipping notification.

Am I protected?

Absolutely! We’ve worked hard to provide a secure payment gateway that puts your mind at ease.

How do refunds work?

If for some reason, you need to return your item or if the transaction was cancelled, your money will be transferred to your Mtindo wallet. Whether you keep it in your wallet or transfer it into your own bank account is up to you - both options are available.
Find out how and under what circumstances an item can be returned here: TBC


How do I open a shop and start selling?

We’ve made this process as simple as possible so that you can start selling in just minutes. Here’s how it works:
1. Create your account by filling in all the relevant information, including your shop name.
2. Click the plus (+) sign.
3. Add an item name and an item description.
4. Upload images of the item.
5. Add the size (if applicable).
6. Add the price.
7. Choose the shipping options you want to offer.
And that’s it!

How does shipping work?

That’s up to you! We currently offer:
Pargo Click & Collect: They can either collect the order from you or you can drop it off at your chosen drop-off point. Pargo charges a flat rate of R99, but this is covered by the buyer.
Aramex Dropbox Solutions: Simply drop off the order at any Aramex or participating Pick n Pay. A flat rate of R99 will be charged, but this is covered by the buyer.
Store Pick-Ups (If applicable): If you have a physical store, buyers can collect from you directly.

Mtindo Fees

In order for us to maintain our platform and your marketplace, we charge a 9% commission fee. This fee is automatically charged on the total transaction amount, which includes shipping.
Other than this, Mtindo is a totally free platform for you to enjoy!


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